New Flu Vaccination Policy

September 01, 2011
Intermountain’s immunization policy is changing to protect patients and staff: Volunteers, employees, and credentialed and/or privileged physicians and other practitioners are now required to get an annual flu shot.

Intermountain Healthcare has changed its immunization policy starting this fall to require all employees, volunteers, and physician partners to get an annual flu shot. Individuals can be exempted from the policy for medical or religious reasons — but not because they’re personally or philosophically opposed to vaccination.


Why the change?

To better protect our patients and staff from the flu.

“At Intermountain we pride ourselves on providing evidence-based care,” says Brent Wallace, MD, chief medical officer of Intermountain Healthcare. “That’s what we’re doing here. The evidence shows that flu shots keep patients and healthcare employees from getting the flu.”

What do you need to do?

  • Get a flu shot by December 31.
    Free shots will be provided at Intermountain facilities this fall for all employees, volunteers and credentialed and/or privileged practitioners.
  • Provide documentation if you get a shot somewhere besides Employee Health.

For more information, contact your hospital medical director; Brent Wallace, Intermountain Chief Medical Officer, at 801.442.3866; or Susan DuBois, AVP, Physician Relations and Medial Affairs, at 801.442.2840