About Our Medical Group

Intermountain HealthcareThe Intermountain Medical Group, created by physicians for physicians, brings together over 900 primary care and multi-specialty physicians employed at our physician clinics and hospital based services.
Physicians practice medicine through an integrated system where cooperative interchange between physician clinics, hospitals, and health plans, are both rewarded and encouraged. The Intermountain Medical Group governing board, composed of board members who are practicing physicians, address difficult clinical and ethical problems that require critical and thoughtful evaluation.
As partners, Intermountain Medical Group physicians lead efforts to improve clinical quality and delivery of care that contribute to Intermountain's goals and values. Our network of experienced doctors, surgeons and caregivers provide clinical excellence through a wide range of services, in a quality setting where patient needs come first. As patients move throughout the Intermountain system, their medical records are electronically available through secure access to aid in medical care, minimize wait time and eliminate unnecessary duplication.
Experts in practice management handle the business side of the doctors’ practices, so physicians can devote themselves 100 percent to providing the best patient care we can offer.
Intermountain's culture allows our clinics to retain many of the hallmarks of private practice. Clinic groups arrange scheduling and on-call, giving individual members personal and professional flexibility. Physicians have direct representation to senior management through their board members and their regional medical directors. Compensation includes a market-competitive base and incentives, plus substantial bonuses, retirement, and benefits.

Physician Stories

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Charles Sorenson, M.D.

CEO and President of Intermountain Healthcare. Along with his administrative responsibilities Dr. Sorenson has continued to be involved in the practice of urologic oncology and surgery.
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Linda Leckman, M.D.

CEO of the Intermountain Medical Group and Vice President of Intermountain Healthcare. Prior to accepting this position, Dr. Leckman was in private practice as a general surgeon for 14 years.
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