Intermountain Healthcare’s Musculoskeletal Clinical Program's goal is to provide strategic and operational leadership and to integrate and coordinate Musculoskeletal clinical services across the Intermountain Healthcare system.




​Dr. Hugh West is our Clinical Program Medical Director and Joan Lelis is the Clinical Program Operations Director. Our aim is for the Musculoskeletal Clinical Program to be organized along the continuum of care of Musculoskeletal services, in order to set a new standard of extraordinary care to both our patients and the community at large, whereby we will provide opportunities for wellness and prevention (exercise and nutrition), medical interventional procedures, surgical interventional procedures, physical therapy, rehabilitation, medication management, and long-term care for all patients, as well as for all those in our communities who would like to participate ​

 Aim Statement

The Musculoskeletal Clinical Program is working to revolutionize the way orthopedic care is delivered. Through increased collaboration, our doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and others who provide care will improve quality, increase patient satisfaction, and decrease costs. ​Our innovative approach to evaluating and treating orthopedic conditions and injuries will engage our patients in determining their preferred course of treatment and, most importantly, will assist them in living the healthiest lives possible.​ 

 Care Process Models


 Musculoskeletal Clinical Program

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