Antibiograms (updated 3/2015)

Welcome to the Antibiogram section of GermWatch. An antibiogram is a report that reflects the percentage of a given organism that is susceptible to each of the antimicrobial agents routinely tested. This report is intended to help guide clinicians with empiric therapy decisions. Here you will find system-level antibiograms generated from Intermountain Healthcare microbiology laboratories. The most current reports were generated using data from 2014.

Note: These reports were developed according to the Clinical and Laboratory Standards Institute approved guideline for Analysis and Presentation of Cumulative Antimicrobial Susceptibility Test Data.

Please try out our new Antibiogram tool. If you are logged in AND behind the Intermountain firewall, you can use this tool to create custom antibiograms.


Alta View,Riverton 2013.pdf
Alta View,Riverton 2014.pdf
American Fork 2013.pdf
American Fork 2014.pdf
Cassia 2013.pdf
Cassia 2014.pdf
Dixie 2013.pdf
Dixie 2014.pdf
Heber Valley, Park City 2013.pdf
Heber Valley, Park City 2014.pdf
IMed 2013 inpatient.pdf
Imed 2014 inpatient.pdf
LDS 2013.pdf
LDS 2014.pdf
Logan 2013.pdf
Logan 2014.pdf
McKay Dee 2013.pdf
McKay Dee 2014.pdf
Primary Children's 2013.pdf
Primary Children's 2014.pdf
Rural 2013.pdf
Rural 2014.pdf
Urban Out Patient 2013.pdf
Urban Out Patient 2014.pdf
Utah Valley 2013.pdf
Utah Valley 2014.pdf
Valley View 2013.pdf
Valley View 2014.pdf
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