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Disease Update - Monday, June 29th, 2015

  • The respiratory viruses are finally quieting down, with the exception of enterovirus, which has been ramping up.
  • Last year was interesting with the Enterovirus-D68 outbreak, which caused respiratory illness and asthma symptoms. We can’t predict whether EV-D68 will be a common type of enterovirus detected in future seasons, so we will have to have a high index of suspicion this season and in the future.
  • The typical season is generally June through November here in Utah, although we do see some variation year to year. The enterovirus-like illness flag on GermWatch has increased as providers are seeing the typical hand/foot/mouth syndrome in clinic. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Team encourages  enteroviral testing for patients in whom a positive test may change treatment. This would include febrile infants (per the care process model) and patients with signs and symptoms of meningitis during the enterovirus season. For febrile infants, we recommend CSF testing if there is pleocytosis in the CSF any time of year. We have seen positives even in late fall, winter and spring depending on the year, so send the test if there is CSF pleocytosis or if you have a suspicion for enterovirus!

 Surveillance Reports & Bulletins

Comprehensive_Germ Watch Weekly Surveillance Dashboard_week of 6.21.2015.pdf
ED Travel Screen and Risk assessment 20150615.pdf
MERSCoV Update 6 22.15.docx
Travel Screening Country List and Map 20150615.pdf

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