iCentra Affiliated Provider Billing Education Resources

Most Affiliated Provider Billing offices can get the billing information they need by accessing Intermountain Healthcare's sFTP server, which is a temporary storage location for extracted files and reports that can be imported into your billing system.  For information on how to access sFTP server, see Accessing and Using the sFTP Server. 


Some billing offices may receive faxed facesheets or charge sheets from affiliated providers working within iCentra. An eLearning module on this topic has been made available for affiliated providers; to view this module, click here. If you have questions on this topic, please contact hcoif.intermountain.co.ihc.com​ 

Resources for Anesthesia, ED, and Radiology Billers

For the billing offices that perform ED, Radiology, and/or Anesthesia billing, additional resources within iCentra are available. Please refer to the printable job aids below for more information.

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