Abstract Information for the Excellence in Trauma & Critical Care Conference

The Intermountain Trauma and Critical Care service encourages you to submit an abstract for poster presentation at the Excellence in Trauma and Critical Care Conference. The goal of the conference is to exchange ideas about best practices in the daily delivery of excellent Trauma and Critical Care. There may be areas of controversy, where your research and experience can help participants choose the best practice for their individual patients. We want the attendees to receive messages that will change their practice patterns immediately after they return home. Both professionals and students are eligible to submit anabstract.

The abstracts may be research‐focused, clinical‐focused, or program‐focused. The abstract must describe work that is evidence‐based and should not be in the early implementation or brainstorming stage.

Instructions for Submitting Abstracts

How To Submit an Abstract

Submit an abstract via email to cme@imail.org during the submission window, starting Monday, March 17, 2014 and ending Monday, June 30, 2014. Abstracts must be no longer than 500 words. Conference Registration is Required. Submitting an abstract represents a commitment to attend the 2014 Excellence in Trauma and Critical Care Conference. Attendees presenting abstracts will receive conference registration at a reduced rate, however they will be expected to pay for their own travel and accommodation expenses.

Submission Format

The 500‐word abstract must be formatted to include objectives, design and methodology, original data and results, and conclusion.

Selection Criteria

Individuals who submit abstracts should ensure that their abstracts provide sufficient detail so that reviewers will be able to evaluate the authors’ research design, data, analysis, and results. Each conference participant may submit up to three abstracts for consideration.

The abstract will be reviewed according to the following criteria:
  • Design and Methodology: Describe how the program or research was implemented and how the data was collected and analyzed. Clearly state the number of participants/sample size.
  • Original Data and Results: What are the results, impact, and outcomes? This is the most important section of the abstract. In order to be accepted for presentation, the abstractmust include data that supports the abstract's conclusions.
  • Relevance, Impact, and Importance: What are the implications of the findings? Why is this abstract important to the daily practice of Trauma and Critical Care?
  • Quality of Submission: The abstract must be well‐written and demonstrate thought and attention to detail. The abstract must be clearly written with background, methodology, and original data and results; it must also contain a conclusion.
  • Bio and Curriculum Vitae: A 250‐word (max) narrative biography must be included with the abstract submission. The bio should describe the educational and professional background for all authors. The bi must be submitted in paragraph form and will be used on the program website. Abstract submissions should also include an attachment of author and co‐author(s) curriculum vitae(s), as appropriate.
Abstract Review and Selection

Applicants will receive email notification within 30 days of submission regarding whether their abstract(s) were accepted for presentation at the conference. If the abstract is selected for poster presentation at the conference, the author submitting the abstract must be present at the conference.

If you have any questions, please email SarahAnn Whitbeck at cme@imail.org.​

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