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Specialty​ ​Title ​Posting Date
Cardiology ​Endurance Testing & Arrhythmia Risk ​Jun. 2016 Launch>>​​
​Cardiac Source of Embolism ​May 2016 ​Launch>>​
​ASD/PFO/VSD ​Apr. 2016 ​Launch>>​
​​Care Management ​Motivational Interviewing ​Dec. 2016 ​​Launch>>​
Hyperbaric Medicine​​​ ​Burn Infection, Bioburden and Elevated Proteases ​May 2016 Launch>>​
​NFPA 99 and PVHO-2: What You Need to Know and What May Be Changing ​Feb. 2016 Launch>>​

ASME PVHO-2-2012​ ​Sep. 2015 Launch>>
HBO2: Literature Update​ ​Aug. 2015 Launch>>
Palliative Care ​Moral Distress and Team Health ​May 2015 Launch>>
​Marketing ​May 2015 Launch>>​
Staffing​ ​May 2015 ​Launch>>
Primary Care ​Capnography for Physicians ​Sep. 2017 Launch>>​
​2017 Clinical Learning Day Pediatric Track ​​May 2017 Launch>>​
​2017 Clinical Learning Day Adult Track ​May 2017 ​Launch>>​
​Care Process Update Lifestyle and Weight Management for Children and Adolescents ​Jul. 2016 Launch>​>​
High Blood Pressure: Care Process Update​ ​Jan. 2015 Launch>>
Grand Rounds - Update on Peanut Allergies​ ​Jul. 2015 ​Launch>>
Grand Rounds - Depression​ ​May 2015 ​Launch>>
Grand Rounds - Our Mission in Action​ ​Mar. 2015 Launch>>
​Total Cost of Care ​Total Cost of Care: Addressing Patient Safety and Affordability ​Mar. 2016 Launch>>
Trauma ​REBOA: Resuscitative Endovascular Balloon Occlusion of the Aorta ​Feb. 2016 Launch>>
Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Aug. 2015​ Launch>>
VTE: Current Concepts in Prevention​ ​Jul. 2015 Launch>>
Spinal Cord Injury Update​ ​Jun. 2015 Launch>>
Avalanche: Rescue and Treatment​ ​Feb. 2015 Launch>>
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