Provider Education 

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Training and coaching for iCentra provides a foundation for providers to be attentive to patient safety and create a positive experience for patients. Engagement in training and coaching activities is required prior to the iCentra go-live in your region.    

Dragon Dictation courses are available and can be registered either under the Employed Provider OR the Affiliated Provider Section. 

This activity has been approved f​or AMA PRA Category 1 Credits™​.

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Your relationship with Intermountain will define the courses that are most relevant to you. Consider these questions and click for course listings. ​​            ​​       

 Are you an Employed Provider?     
Are you an Affiliated Provider?     
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You will receive training to use iCentra as your medical record in your Intermountain clinic and/or hospital setting.   
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You will receive training to use iCentra in the hospital setting only. Online 'view only" resources are available.    
To unregister for a course, the provider will need to click here to login, scroll to find the course they would like to cancel, and then click on the cancellation button.​

View Only Materials Are Available for Affiliated Clinics

Affiliated providers who DO NOT practice in the hospital will have “View Only” or limited workflows and will have online, self-help resources for messaging, importing documents, and submitting requests available on the “View Only” support page.​ No iCentra classroom training is required. The online resources are also available for affiliated provider’s staff.   


Note: Only register for Hospital Courses IF you admit OR consult in the acute hospital setting OR perform procedures in the hospital OR provide hospital based services (pathology, cardiology, etc.).     


About iCentra

Intermountain Healthcare is committed to providing employed and affiliated physicians with access to technology that helps them practice evidence-based medicine. iCentra is Intermountain’s future electronic medical record (EMR), revenue cycle, and practice management system. You will have opportunities for learning labs, self-assessments, and additional coaching and practice to support the use and adoption of this technology. Read more about the Provider Learning Experience​.