Clinician Experience Project

May 26, 2017

​Welcome to the Clinician Experience Project - Caring for Our Patients Begins With a Commitment To Our Caregivers

Welcome to the Clinician Experience Project



We are excited to offer you a new resource!  Working with NRC Health and Practicing Excellence we are now making The Clinician Experience Project (The Project) available to you.  It is open to all physicians and other credentialed clinicians.  We are excited to give you access to this physician-led online resource that has hundreds of short (2-3 minute) “skill building” videos that have been developed by physicians, for physicians and APCs.   

For the past two months, we have been working with more than 350 of your Intermountain physician and APC colleagues to learn about The Project and its potential to improve the experience of physicians and other clinicians. We have two primary goals as we bring this resource to Intermountain clinicians.  First, improve clinician well-being and resiliency, and second, improve patient experience. 

You may be asking why Intermountain is making this online resource available to all physicians and credentialed practitioners.  This is one way we are hoping to improve the experience of clinicians.  We believe your participation, which is 100% voluntary, will make a positive impact on your life, and the lives of your colleagues and our patients.


Activate your account to the Clinician Experience Project now:

  1. Visit
  2. Enter the email address that this email was sent to as both your username and password, using all lowercase letters.
  3. Go to “My Page” to get to the Intermountain site and review the content loaded on “Your Learning Path.” The first video is a short tutorial on how to navigate The Project.  
  4. Take a minute to create/update your profile (top right hand corner of the home page).
  5. Comment often and tell us your stories… we’re listening!


We were deliberate in determining the initial content placed in “Your Learning Path,” by selecting videos specifically related to our two primary goals: wellness and resiliency, and patient experience.  Spend some time getting familiar with The Project, watch a few skill videos, try what you learn and share your experiences.  We encourage you to talk with your colleagues, share ideas and experiences with your entire care team, and tell us what you think. 


Thank you for your participation in shaping this effort and improving the physician and caregiver experience across Intermountain.  Your insights are valuable and we are relying on you to provide candid feedback, share stories, and serve as a resource to your colleagues.  

This is the homepage you will see when you log in.  Click on “MY PAGE” to get to the Intermountain-specific website.  Enjoy exploring The Project! ​  


If you have any questions and/or comments, please let us know. We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about The Project.  Thanks for trying it out.​


Brent Wallace Photo​​​ Susan Dubois Photo​​
Brent Wallace, MD ​
Chief Medical Officer
Intermountain Healthcare 
(801) 442-3866
Susan DuBois ​
Assistant Vice President
Intermountain Healthcare 
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