Dragon Medical One improves provider experience and patient care

January 03, 2020

​​​​​Dragon Medical One (DMO), the replacement for Dragon Medical 360, is a cloud-based, speech-recognition system that allows providers to document care at the point of care and beyond, and Intermountain has made the investment in the system to help providers spend more time with their patients.

Intermountain recently completed implementation of DMO, allowing  providers to document at the point of care and beyond. DMO is available on clinical computers inside Intermountain facilities and still uses the Nuance Power Mic, but it also works on any device logged into iCentra with a built in microphone—there is no more need to open a second program.

DMO is close to a "voice keyboard" and is the leading edge of healthcare dictation tools. It's ease of use and availability go a long way toward helping providers spend more time with patients and less time in the EHR. According to Dr. Doug Nelson, Medical Director, Care Transformation Information Services, the new system is "an all-round better program in terms of letting me dictate both at the bedside and away from the bedside. It lets me work the way I want to work."

The system provides greater reporting capabilities that will allow CTIS to monitor how successful individuals are with the system. "New reports will help us make changes to usage, system configuration, and processes that really benefit providers," says Dr. Tamara Moores Todd, Medical Director, Care Transformation Information Services.

What are the benefits of Dragon Medical One?

  • Availability
  • Better fidelity
  • Faster training time
  • Reduction in charting time

​You can find out more about DMO by visiting the iCentra website on Intermountain.net or the Provider Portal.​​