Network Expansion​

Provider Development has increased the number of contracted behavioral health providers statewide to more than 2,400 (including professional providers and facilities).  This is now one of the broadest behavioral health networks in Utah, improving access and enabling members to receive services in-person and virtually.  

Behavioral health network expansion efforts also focus on: 

  • Increasing patient access to Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) services, eating disorders treatment facilities, and school/home-based psychotherapy services.
  • Developing a methadone maintenance network
  • Working with mental health authorities to meet the needs of new SelectHealth members based on the Utah Medicaid Expansion Bill (effective January 2020)
  • Collaborating with affiliated practices to raise awareness of mental health integration benefits and implementation strategies within clinics

SelectHealth Network Eligibility Requirements

For non-prescribing behavioral health providers: Credentialing Committee approval* and Practitioner Panel Strategy Committee (PPSC) approval as required**; government plan requirements include:

  • For SelectHealth Advantage Medicare plan: Must be an eligible CMS provider type and enrolled as a Medicare provider. (CMS recognizes MD/DO, APRN, PHD, & LCSW.)
  • For Integrated SelectHealth Community Care plan: Must be enrolled as a Medicaid provider with Utah State Medicaid through the PRISM system. 
  • For SelectHealth CHIP (Utah Children's Health Insurance Plan): must be enrolled as a "known provider" with Utah State Medicaid through the PRISM system.    

For prescribing behavioral health providers (excluding Advance Practice Professionals): Meet credentialing criteria, PPSC approval as required**, and have privileges at an Intermountain Healthcare hospital or other SelectHealth-contracted hospital near the provider's practice. ***

For any change of address or affiliation: PPSC approval (see above).

* Eligibility requires the provider to hold an active Utah State license and meet SelectHealth credentialing criteria as specified in the Provider Reference Manual.

** The SelectHealth Practitioner Panel Strategy Committee (PPSC) makes day-to-day network participation decisions for all networks, with the exception of the SelectHealth Choice® and SelectHealth Care® networks. 

*** If a provider has multiple practice locations, the provider must hold Active/Active Referral hospital privileges at one or more these facilities.​

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