​​​​​​Cultural Competency Training

​Where can I access cultural competency training?

On the SelectHealth Provider Portal, you can take a brief, 10-minute online training about cultural competency that was developed by Intermountain Healthcare. Missing login credentials? Follow the instructions on the SelectHealthPhysician home page to gain access to SelectHealth secure content.

Am I required to take this training?

Providers are not required to take this training; however, you are required to attest in regular quarterly attestations if you have completed the training or an equivalent cultural sensitivity training. Based on the provider’s response on the attestation (Yes or No), the SelectHealth provider directory will be updated with this information to help members find the best provider for their needs.


Cultural Competence Brochure.pdf
Cultural Guide.pdf

What is cultural competency?

Cultural competency means learning to communicate with and treat people who may have a different experience than our own. It is a set of attitudes, skills, behaviors, and policies that allow us to provide member-centered care to members of all cultures.

What is the SelectHealth commitment to cultural competency?

SelectHealth and its participating providers promote the delivery of services in a culturally competent manner to all members including:
  • Those with limited English proficiency
  • People from diverse cultural and ethnic backgrounds
  • Members with disabilities
  • Everyone regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or gender identity

As part of that commitment, we provide online cultural competency training and other resources.​
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