Auto Recovery

Automatic (Auto) Recovery is the process SelectHealth uses to reverse and adjust claim(s) paid in error rather than requesting a refund. All claim lines will be reversed and any denial or repayment will be reprocessed on a new claim.


What Does Auto Recovery Look Like?


The Remittance Advice (RA)/Explanation of Payment (EOP) will reflect a line-by-line reversal of the claim and also a repayment or denial, on a new claim if necessary. This claim reversal information will appear as a negative in the claim detail section of the RA. The reason for the adjustment will be explained with the remark codes on the reversed claim and/or the reprocessed claim.

The dollar amount associated with the actual recovery is located at the end of the RA in the "Recovery and Forward Balance Detail for This Payment" section. The dollars listed as a "Recovery Amount" should be subtracted from the account as the actual amount recovered on this payment. Any amount listed as a "Forward Balance" was not recovered from this payment and will be recovered from a future payment.

On electronic postings (835), when a claim is paid incorrectly, the original claim will be reversed, and the corrected data will be sent all on the same transaction. The payment and the reversal will post directly to the billing office’s system.

Claims will only be auto recovered if there is enough money being paid out to your office to offset (in full or partially) the amount being recovered. If no payment is being made a notification of the recovery will be sent and the amount will appear as a forward balance.


Future Refund Requests


All claims adjusted by SelectHealth will be set up to auto recover from the next payment. However, there may be times when SelectHealth may request a refund check instead of being able to auto recover a claim. Some of these instances are listed below:

  • The address or tax identification number for the office have changed and payments are no longer being sent to allow a recovery to occur. 
  • There is not enough payment activity in a timely period to allow a recovery to occur.

Payment Options and Contact Information:


If a refund is requested from your office, you may mail a check to:   

SelectHealth Recovery Team   

P.O. Box 27368  

Salt Lake City, UT 84127-0368


You may also contact the Recovery Team by phone and make a credit card or check by phone payment to ensure same day posting and avoid a check and recovery crossing in the mail.

Click Here to view a printable version of how auto recovery works, and how it can benefit your practice


Questions about Auto Recovery can be directed to SelectHealth’s Recovery Team at: 1-801-442-5687 in Salt Lake City or 1-800-538-5038 ext 5687 elsewhere in the Continental U.S.A.

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