Our Code of Ethics

Every day patients, members, and their families come to us in times of need, trusting that we will give them our very best medical care and service. We are committed to honoring their trust by providing excellent clinical care and superior service with the highest standards of integrity. This commitment applies to every aspect of our work, and is fundamental to our mission, vision, and values. At Intermountain Healthcare, we expect every employee, clinician, trustee, vendor, contractor, and volunteer who is part of our organization to understand and follow the rules and requirements that apply to their work.

Our General Ethics Standards

  1. We are committed to Intermountain’s values of Trust, Excellence, Accountability, and Mutual Respect.
  2. We perform our jobs and assignments with the highest standards of honesty and integrity. We treat each other, our patients and members, business partners, vendors and competitors fairly.
  3. We know, abide by and understand the specific laws, policies and procedures that apply to our jobs and assignments, and to us as individuals.
  4. We speak up with concerns about compliance and ethics issues. Specifically, we report observed and suspected violations of laws or policies, and we agree to report any requests to do things we believe may be violations. Furthermore, we cooperate with any investigation of potential violations.
  5. We recognize that our daily work gives us each the opportunity to see problems in our local areas before they become apparent to others or to management. We are empowered and responsible to raise questions about potentially noncompliant or unethical practices.
  6. If we have questions about a situation, we ask for help. We may talk to our supervisor or director, the facility/entity compliance coordinator, a company attorney, the Corporate Compliance Officer, or call the 24-hour Compliance Hotline at (800) 442-4845. 

For more information, download our Code of Ethics booklet in PDF format.

Code of Ethics Booklet
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