Emerging Healthcare Technologies 

SelectHealth uses the principles commonly referred to as "evidence-based medicine" to evaluate new and newly modified technologies when determining coverage policies. The SelectHealth Medical Technology (M-Tech) program performs rigorous evaluations of emerging medical technologies (such as procedures, drugs/biologics, or devices) or new uses of previously existing technology. 

M-Tech Process

The M-Tech program evaluates coverage of emerging technologies for SelectHealth insurance plans.

Selection of Technologies for Review

Technologies are identified through various means by M-Tech staff and scheduled for review in consultation with the chairman of the M-Tech committee and its members. The following are the main criteria considered when determining the need and priority for review:

  • Potential impact of the technology on member health outcomes
  • Potential economic impact on the plan and members
  • Potential for technology to replace an existing technology
  • Provider demand

Evaluation Process

A multifaceted approach is taken when reviewing new technologies. All existing literature—published and non-published—is examined. In addition, the committee reviews specialty society statements, governmental body reviews—U.S. and non-U.S.—and other published guidelines and provider input.

Information and data are reviewed for content and methodology. A cost-benefit analysis is used to compare treatment alternatives of the technology in question. This “information synthesis” is summarized in a written report that is presented to the M-Tech committee for review and a final recommendation. It is also posted for providers on Intermountain Healthcare’s Intranet.

Evidence is weighed against the following criteria established by the national Technology Evaluation Center of Blue Cross Blue Shield:

  • Does the technology have final approval from the appropriate government regulatory bodies, if appropriate?
  • Does the scientific evidence permit conclusions concerning the effect of the technology on health outcomes?
  • Does the technology improve the net health outcome?
  • Is the technology as beneficial as any established alternatives?
  • Is the improvement attainable in real-life clinical settings?

If it is likely that a recommendation will replace an existing technology, the comparative cost effectiveness of the technology is considered first. The M-Tech committee makes final coverage recommendations, including indications and contraindications. These are forwarded to the SelectHealth Research and Implementation committee and Policy Steering team for consideration.

More Information: M-Tech Online

The M-Tech Web site outlines the review process and current technologies under review (such as procedures, devices, and biologics). It also includes links to evidence-based medicine sites, a comment section, and an e-mail address, which is monitored by the M-Tech staff.

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