Member Rights and Responsibilities for CHIP
The following outlines the rights and responsibilities of SelectHealth members and is meant as a general overview for provider offices.
Advance Directives are documents signed in "advance" which state a member's legally valid choices about medical treatment or name a specific person to make decisions about his/her medical treatment when the member is unable to make those decisions or choices by themselves. Physicians should encourage members to complete an Advance Directive prior to care. Please see the following links for additional information and documentation regarding Advance Directives.
All SelectHealth members have the right to: 
  • Receive considerate, courteous care and treatment with respect for personal privacy and dignity
  •  Access to emergency and urgent care 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • Select or change primary care provider and/or other doctor(s) they are referred to
  • Be informed by the provider about their health so they may make thoughtful decisions before they receive treatment
  • Request a second opinion (see Member Advocates for assistance)
  • Be free from any form of restraint or seclusion used as a means of coercion, discipline, convenience or retaliation when participating in health care decisions
  • Keep all medical history, health, and problems between them and their doctor
  • Be able to see their medical records
  • Help make decisions about the medical care that they get
  • Refuse recommended medical treatment
  • Have an Advance Directive
  •  Get information in their handbook that contains their benefits, doctors and hospitals they can use; where, when and how they can get the care they need; rules they must follow
  • To know about alternative treatments that may be self-administered
  • Be able to understand the risks, benefits, and consequences of treatment or non-treatment
  • Participate with providers in decisions involving their health and the medical care received Express in writing your concerns or complaints, and receive a response in a reasonable period of time
  • Decide to leave CHIP
  • Receive notification of any changes made to the Member Rights and Responsibilities at least annually



All SelectHealth members have the right to: 


  • Follow the rules of their plan
  • Carry their CHIP ID Card at all times
  • Read all the CHIP information and ask questions
  • Choose a CHIP PCP
  • Use CHIP doctors when possible
  • Have your PCP and SelectHealth help them with their healthcare
  • Work together with your doctor so he or she can give them the best medical care
  • Talk openly with their doctor
  • Understand what the doctor tells them to do for medical treatment
  • Know what will happen if they refuse treatment
  • Treat all doctors, staff and other patients with respect
  • Keep doctor appointments. Arrive on time. If they must cancel, call ahead of time
  • Tell their complaints to Member Services
  • Take charge of their health and follow their doctor’s instructions.
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