Preventive Care Recommendations

Intermountain Healthcare® and SelectHealth use preventive care recommendations to help providers improve preventive care services. This is accomplished through standardizing national recommendations, connecting provider resources, and developing clinical tools for managing preventive processes.

The recommendations are a combination of national preventive care guidelines that have been reviewed and approved by the Intermountain Medical Group® leadership and by the SelectHealth Quality Improvement committee.

The recommendations cover the routine care of adults and include statements regarding patient counseling, preventive chemoprophylaxis, immunizations, and basic screening exams, as well as some specific recommendations for high-risk groups. Recommendations for individuals with signs and symptoms are not included. Due to the variations inherent to a medical practice, not all issues are covered. An individual’s specific risk factors and environment should be considered when prioritizing issues to address. Note: Tracking forms can assist providers in identifying services that have been performed or should be addressed.

While preventive care is a partnership between the patient and his or her provider and the healthcare system, the patient is primarily responsible for his or her behaviors and creating an environment that is conducive to health. Patients should be encouraged to disclose lifestyle issues or habits that may affect preventive care.


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